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LDNIO 3 Power Socket Anti-Static Power Socket 6 USB


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LDNIO 3 Power Socket Anti-Static Power Socket 6 Usb

LDNIO New powerful charging series 3 Power Socket Anti-Static Power Socket 6 Usb
Sivering New Chinese standard jack can be used in the mainstream electrical plugs eastic strong, less heat, high salty, insert and extract 10000 times in normal using will not be loose

Total control switch design. One key can cut off the power, easy to operate One click you can cut off the power directly while it is not useing easy and convenient 5000 times press testing Silver

contact switch is more salty PC and ABS top fireproofing, anaerobic flame retardant conform to the 750 C hot wire not burning 100 C heat not deformation

USB inteligent charging unique Super Charge TM inteligent fast charging technology.each USB port can automatically identify the mobile phone, tablet, power bank etc USB devices, automatic compatible without adaptation, and automatically assigned 0110 24A supply for the best current. As of the charging one is enough support one device 24A fast charging, automatic identification device and matching charging current inteligently, high compatibility.

can be used for charging for any brand in the home of the smart

phone, tablet, digital camera etc

Weight 400 kg
  • Product model : SE3531 
  • Rated current : 10 A
  • Rated voltage : 250 V
  • Rated power : 2500W
  • USB output : 5V 34A(Auto Max) 17W
  • Output port: 3xSokets Combo 6xUSB
  • Product size : 136x90x43mm
  • Power cord : 1.6M