JOYROOM JR-BP560 Electronic Pen black


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JOYROOM JR-BP560 Electronic Pen
1. The screen does not hurt conductive silicone, soft materials, drawing, writing, children’s toys, etc.

2. Scan the tip of the dial for a more precise positioning without affecting the thickness of the line.

3. Easy to use, no need to charge.

4. The package is detachable and has a spare package at the end of the pen.

5. The pen cap design protects the pen tip and is ready to use. easy to use.

6. Compatible, suitable for all Android and iOS smart capacitive touch devices.

1. Product material: aluminum alloy pen body + nano pen tip + silicagel. 2. Product process: CNC piano paint. 3. Product diameter: 9mm. 4. Pen diameter: 7mm. 5. Product length: 178mm.