Please read the terms carefully

1. The new device warranty for 11 months from the date of purchase , and applies the agent’s policy in determining the duration of the warranty
For some products, if the product is brought to warranty, all accessories and envelopes must be brought.
2. International Hardware Warranty (applies only to hardware components and not accessories attached to the devices for only one month.
3. The device is considered out of warranty in the event of a fracture, scratch or misuse.
4. The guarantee against industry defects only is not software and downloading drivers is considered a use of the product and in case of downloading software
Not approved by the agent is considered the cancelled guarantee.
5. Downloading drivers on console devices (games) is considered contrary to the terms of the warranty and the devices are considered out of warranty if the customer
By downloading drivers on them is not supported.
6. The warranty is cancelled in case of attempting to open or reconcile the product outside the maintenance center approved by the agent.
7. Ensure the accessories (operating guarantee) in the event of any malfunction, a report is brought from the power of attorney to be replaced.
8. In the event of opening the product or destroying its packaging, no recovery process is carried out and replacement is made in the event of an manufactured defect after a report has been brought.
From the agent through a period of 30 days from the date of purchase.
9. The customer is entitled to recover the product for a period of 14 days provided that the product is not used or its packaging is damaged.