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Panasonic Battery AA -Pack4 (r6)

AA Battery 4

Shelf Life 10 years


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  • Store batteries safely for up to 10 years You can depend on Panasonic Evolta AA batteries to retain high power performance even after very long periods in storage. High-quality materials work to prevent degradation while Anti-Leak Protection minimizes the chance of leakage to ensure long-life stability before use.
  • Anti-leak protection with unique gas-suppression technology Panasonic EVOLTA AA cells feature advanced Anti-Leak Protection that suppresses gas buildup when a battery is over-discharged or stored for a long period. Less pressure means less chance of structural failure and rupture, and protects your valuable devices from damage.

‎ 14.2 x 6 x 2.2 cm; 40

  • Product code LR6EGE
  • Size AA
  • Technology Alkaline
  • Voltage 1,5v
  • Diameter 14,5 mm
  • Weight 23,1 g
  • Shelf Life 10 years