Ldnio Wall Charger USB 4 Ports – A4405 new

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Ldnio Wall Charger USB, 4 Ports, White – A4405

  • Brand :Ldnio
  • Model : A4405
  • Type: Wall charger
  • Key Features : LED touch lamp
  • Color: White
  • Number of Charging Ports: 4 Ports
  • Compatibility: Multi Devices
  • 1. This charger is USB port type, and with LED touch lampQ: ​How to use the LED touch lamp?

    A: 1. Click the button, the light is on, click again, the light is off.

    2. Long press, the light become dark or bright

    3. The light brightness has the smart memory function

    2. The charger is with mutil advantage, such as intelligent identification, wilde voltage adaptation, touch power switch, etc.

    3. The output current can up to 3.4a, which can charge more faster than other charger.

    4.Surpports simulataneous charging of up to 4 mobile devices.

    5. The special design of poer switches are good for energy saving.

    6. The charger will come with on Micro USB cable for Samsung.

  • Brand Ldnio
  • Model Name A4405
  • Type Wall Charger
  • Compatible With Devices Multi Devices
  • Color White