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Joyroom Jr-ZS260 Phone Magnetic Series Holder


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Joyroom Jr-ZS260 Phone Magnetic Series Holder

6 built-in magnets for stable phone grip Compact size for prevention of limited vision 360° angle adjustment Convenient one-hand use Compatible with various phones Modern design Fast and simple installation

Unique comfort on the road Modern magnetic car holder is intended for drivers who prioritize top comfort on the road.

Quick phone fixing by putting it close to the holder is dedicated to all devices equipped with wireless MagSafe.

Thanks to attachment of metal sheet, the holder will be suitable for any smartphone.

This is very comfortable for the drivers because they may use the device with one hand only.

Inclination angle adjustment – 360° rotation You can adapt the holder to your own needs by adjusting the inclination angle. It is possible to rotate it by 360°.

It is very useful if the car is used by various people.

Every driver can feel free to set the holder to provide themselves with perfect screen visibility.

Inclination adjustment is also convenient on sunny days.

In such case you can point the phone so that sun rays

do not reflect from the display and dazzle driver’s eyes. Simple installation and perfect visibility Quick assembly means attaching the holder to the dashboard.

The set includes all required pieces.

You do not need to worry about visibility due to location of the product.

Compact size is a guarantee of perfect vision.





6.9 x 4.7 x 1.9 cm; 24 Grams

  • Specification:
  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: Car holder
  • Type: Magnetic
  • Material: Zinc alloy Installation spot: Dashboard
  • Rotation: 360°
  • 1x Car holder
  • 1x Wet tissues box
  • 1x Sticker with strong glue
  • 2x Metal sheets
  • 2x Protective pads
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