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Joyroom C-A06 3.1A Fast Charging Car


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Joyroom C-A06 3.1A Fast Charging Car

Convenient charging of electronics in the car is possible not only during long travels.

A compact charger which you can insert into the cigarette lighter socket will provide you with a permanent access to source of energy.

Simultaneously you can charge two devices because the built-in chip assures safe separation of voltage into two USB ports.

A minimalist design and small size make the charger look good in any car interior.

Major features: Charging two devices at a time Powered by cigarette lighter socket Compatible with iOS, Android Smart charging Compact size Resistant to high temperatures Quick and smart charging Joyroom C-A06 car charger effectively charges any devices which use USB port.

The output voltage of 3,1A makes the entire procedure very short.

The product will perform well as a permanent source of power during travels

for example to supply power to smartphone, tablet or GPS equipment.

It is indispensable also when you are pressed for time and wish to fully charge your phone, camera or other device.

Charging two devices at a time The charger is equipped with two USB ports so that you can supply power to two devices at a time.

Safe charging is assured by the internal chip which separates voltage into both ports.

The charger is resistant to high temperatures, thus the charging procedure is always under control.

Minimalist design This device is intended for persons who appreciate functionality and good design.

Thanks to its minimalist design and small size, the inserted charger looks like an original part of the car.

It perfectly fits the interior of any car model.





5.6 x 4.4 x 0.6 inches

  • Brand: Joyroom
  • Type: Car charger
  • Number of USB ports: 2
  • Input voltage: DC 12-24 V
  • Output voltage: 5V/3.1 A
  • Power output USB1 + USB2: 15 W
  • Max Content of the set: 1 x car charger
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