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Pravix KB6012 TOUCH Slim trackpad wireless keyboard


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KB6012 TOUCH Slim, trackpad wireless keyboard

  1. Same “X” architecture as laptops The stable keycaps are not easily shaken, and the force can be evenly distributed on the surface of the keys, preventing fingers from slipping, so that you can experience the touch of a laptop anywhere, and each keystroke is natural and smooth.
  2. Trackpad with mouse cursor control
    A touchpad with mouse cursor control can be used in the same way as a laptop touchpad to control the cursor on the screen, eliminating the need for a separate wireless mouse, making managing your digital desktop easier and more accurate.
  3. Slim appearance, only 8MM at the thinnest part of the fuselage. The ultra-thin and cool appearance is integrated with the perfect control function. The key rebound is clear and the response is faster than ordinary keyboards, allowing you to enjoy a comfortable and comfortable life!
  4. Comfortable and ultra-low keycaps, using micro-concave ergonomic design, secondary printing keycap characters with laser and UV lamination process, clear and durable.
  • Port: USB
  • Rated current: Max 100mA
  • Working voltage: 5V (±5%)
  • Number of keys: 103 keys
  • Product color: black color
  • Transmission Type: Wireless
  • Button life: 10 million times
  • Keyboard size: 385X147X16MM