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Dobe Controller Charger For Xbox One/Series X/S-black


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Dobe Controller Charger For Xbox One/Series X/S-black

Description: TYX-0607 is a single charger for XBOX series handles.

The accessory accessories included special battery and two battery back covers.

After being installed in the XBOX handle battery compartment

it can be equipped with this charger for charging.

(The battery and back cover are not supplied with this product Cannot be charged with this cradle)

The two battery covers delivered can be selected according to different handles

which are suitable for Xbox One S, Xbox One X handles, and Xbox Series X handles.

This product is also equipped with a USB charging cable

which can be connected to a standard DC 5.0V USB output power supply

The USB interface of the adapter to the MICRO interface of the charger for charging.

1. Portable design

2. High speed transmission, instant charging

3. Battery Pack Capacity: 1200mAh

Package contains:

1 x Dual Charging Stand

1 x Charging Cable

1 x battery packs

2 x battery backup covers



  • Model: TYX-0607
  • Color: Black
  • Main Material: ABS
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